George Measer

​Dedicated to my Great Family

Putting words to writing a book about my life history was a challenge that I didn’t feel I had the necessary skills to complete by myself. That is until I happened to read a story in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune about a retired journalist and editor who had the expertise and background to accomplish a personal biography.

Curt Werner had the years of writing experience needed to produce a quality life history book, one that I would be pleased to pass on to family and friends. A very skilled writer, Tyler Smith, would also produce some of the editorial content of the book while Werner did the editing.

We recorded ten personal interviews over a year’s time. Curt would come to my house for an hour where we would sit at my dining room table and just talk. I would make up a schedule and agenda for each meeting, trying to cover various aspects of my life. 

Curt is an easy person to talk to so these hours went by fast. But we did cover a lot of ground in my long history. I even surprised myself that I could remember so much from childhood to living now at The Glenridge. The work was completed under a contract with Curt so that everything, from start to completed product was understood.

The printing, by a worldwide printer that specializes in small order books, was a separate order.  I had 50 books printed with about a third for family and balance to friends here at Glenridge.

Without my son Trey’s help, the book would never have been completed. I depended on Trey through every step of the finished product. So thanks to Trey and Curt for all their guidance and help. And for generations to come, I hope this book gives readers some idea of my accomplishments and lifestyle.
Love to all...enjoy

George (Grandpa) Measer
Sarasota, Fla.
March 2021