Welcome to Your Living Memories, where your legacy begins to last forever, where we help you preserve your memories for your loved ones. You'll record your life, your thoughts, your values. You'll probably gain insight into how you arrived at where you are today and help younger generations understand, preserve and enjoy family stories, life-changing events, your wisdom, ideas and life lessons. 

And one more thing: You will most likely have a lot of fun. You'll reach back and surprise yourself with how much you actually do remember, even stories and people once forgotten.


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Some photos courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Collection and the Boston Public Library Leslie Jones Collection
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The process starts with a free initial one-hour consultation, where we will discuss your vision for your project. The possibilities are nearly endless and are all based upon your choices. It could be a book of any length loaded with photos and documents that illustrate your life and ideas. You could choose an audio recording that uses your voice to present your story. Or, it could be a combination, a multi-media production. 

Whichever format you choose Your Living Memories will ensure that you present a gift that literally tells a story, one that your family will treasure for generations to come. Don't you wish, as most of us do, that your ancestors had left more than perhaps a scrapbook or two?